Looking for a workout I can do at home with no equipment.

Nothing too big, just trying to get a little more fit. I don't have any equipment, and I live in an upstairs apartment and I try to be considerate of my downstairs neighbors. I'm just not sure where to begin any tips out there?


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  • Check this video and channel out https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=ir0jp-MU42o

    I's a little flashy channel, but has some great workouts for exactly your needs. There's also a lot more channels and videos like this if you just search no equipment workout.


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  • -running in place


    -jumping jacks

    -jump rope

    -walking up and down stairs

    -putting books in a book bag and using it has weights to lift to build arm strength.

    -sit ups

    -push ups


    -long walks or jogging outdoors

    -putting on music and dancing to it

  • Nothing with jumping! My upstairs neighbor scared the crap out of me when I first moved in. They do exercises with lots of jumping at like 7am. We came to an agreement once he found out I worked till 3am and he exercises later in the day so I'm not woken up thinking the sky is falling lol.

  • They have really good workouts on Pintrest (It isn't just for girls). You don't have to make an account, I am pretty sure. Just look up some there. Then you can pick a workout that fits you.


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  • Some simple routine suggestions:

    Chest, Triceps, Shoulders

    -- 3 sets of until failure diamond push ups

    -- 3 sets of until failure decline push ups

    -- 3 sets of until failure vertical push ups

    -- 3 sets of until failure spiderman push ups

    Biceps and Lats

    -- 6 sets of until failure wide grip pull ups

    -- 6 sets of until failure narrow grip chin ups.


    -- 6 sets of until failure assisted (or if you can, unassisted) pistol squats

    -- 6 sets of until failure single leg stiff legged deadlifts

    Abs & Hips

    -- 6 sets of until failure bicycles

    -- 6 sets of until failure flutter kicks

  • You can always go downstairs..if there's a commons room or something, use that as your work-out room, or an outside space if it's not too cold these days.

    If you can find a space, use a DVD player to put on a workout program that can lead you into a lively cardio session.

    Supplement the routine with running. Don't run on a concrete or other hard surface, and take it slow, don't run long distances right away or you'll get discouraged by the pain!

    Play some competitive sport like tennis to keep up your interest. When you get really bored, do this alternate activity a day a week, just to give yourself a break and some entertainment;.

    • The complex I live in is really small and no real ideal places for a workout area. But I have thought about a DVD just not sure what to look for.

  • That rules out insanity and P90X.

    By fit do you mean gain mass or lose fat?

    Either way:

    Push ups (chest, triceps)

    Dips using a chair or solid portion of a couch (triceps, chest can be done with this too)

    Invest in resistance bands with those you can do:

    -Bicep curls (biceps...)

    -Tricep extensions using your door (triceps...)

    -Rows using your door (back)

    -Lat pulls (lats)

    I used to get a 5 gallon bottle, fill it with sand, and use it to squat.

    If you have a question about any specific part, just ask

  • What does 'a little more fit' mean?

    Improved energy/endurance?

    Are you looking to improve strength?

    Are you looking to build muscle?

    Is your budget for equipment really zero, or just say under $40?

    How high are the ceilings?

    • I would like to improve my energy and endurance. I also want to build some core muscles. My budget is more like under $20 every paycheck so about $40. My ceiling isn't high and I'm also a tall person.

    • Check out the forums at rosstraining.com.

      I'd also recommend the website 'beastskills' which has some excellent progressions.

      I'd actually suggest buying (I did) Ross enamait (he of rosstraining)'s book 'never gymless'. The whole book is what you're looking for.

  • *PUSH-UP's: of all angles.

    *CHAIR LIFTS:sit on floor in-between two chairs, arms or hands on the chairs lift up and repeat keeping your butt off the ground.

    *CRUNCHES, crunches, crunches..


  • Ok so I have to be "that guy" to ask: What are gym memberships like in your area? We have crazy cheap gyms where I live and the competition to have the lowest premiums has made tons of gyms offer either discounted premiums or all-around low costs. I pay $9/month for mine.

    • yeah I'm looking at $50 a month for the only gym left in my area, I have looked into it and I just don't feel like paying that much would be a worthwhile endeavor.