Ladies, what kind of facial expression is this? please help.

I have a small crush for a girl in my class but don't know if she is interested. I will sometimes catch her staring at me (deep blank face stare) more than once. Sometime when we make eye contact she will stop what she is doing slightly squints her eyes, move her eyes up and and kind of fake smile and looks away (NOT AT THE SAME TIME BUT IN THAT ORDER) . It kinds of looks if she is not interested.

Plus whenever we are together she is very quiet and always on her phone compared with other guys in the class. I want to tell her how I feel but so confused with her signals. Is she interested?



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  • Question, do you initiate conversations with her when you guys hang out?:)

    • Yes, most of the time

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    • lol. We are confusing. Even I find myself confusing sometimes. Haha! and you are very welcome. :D

    • and and thanks for the BA. :)

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