Was this wrong? I don't know AND NEED HELP!

ok I was joking with boy on the bus but anyway I wanted to take a pic of him on my ipod to make his face funny looking. see he kept dodging it at the right time. so tricked him by telling him to look at my case I got the picture made him and his brother a freaky picture. I said I was gonna delete but I didnt.Was that wrong?what I just noticed was he was looking staright into the camera and he was smiling.he didn't know I took th picture so it wasn't that. does he like him? was it wrong for me to keep the pic?

P.S. I like him he is my crush


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  • tease him with it the next time you see him, just show it to him and say look what iv'e got and then it will be a bit friendly/flirty and it will start a new coversation

    • thanks cause sometimes it get quiet if we dnt have nothing to talk about I always start something, like today, ihad to start something and we had something to talk about

    • awesome well I hope you can use it and it works :)

  • It was wrong to say you would and then not however it's cool that you kept a picture of your crush. Next time he asks you to delete it and you say you will but don't, don't say anything

    • he never asked to delete, he knew I toke it cause I told him,he didn't even ask for me to delete it I told him I was so...

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