Why did he wave but he wouldn't look right at me?

There's this guy I know, I used to like him, then about 2 weeks ago I find out he has a girlfriend. So I back off. Anyway, he always used to flirt with me and talk to me, or at the very least look at me every so often. The other day, all he did to acknowledge my presence was wave when I entered the room. Why? Does he hate me now?


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  • I doubt he hates you now. Why don't you go talk to him?

    • You're probably right. I could just be paranoid. After all, he did acknowledge me when I was the last person to enter the room and nobody else did, although they knew I was there. *sigh* and I would ask why he wouldn't look at me or say a word to me, but I'm shy lol. And I suspect he somehow found out that I liked him/speculated that he liked me too b4 I found about his lady friend. And I'm afraid I may not like his answer if I ask. Which is why I'm on here... For possible explanations lol

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    • Hmm... I suppose. I guess I'm just afraid I might be caught off guard if I find out I've been reading into his actions wrong all along and he says something that hurts way more than the fact that I currently don't know anything about why he's acting the way he is.

    • I'd rather know, personally.

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