Girl says it's the first time she saw me while it clearly wasn't...

About 6 weeks ago at a bar, I came back from the toilet and I noticed a pretty girl looking me in the eyes. We held eye contact for a few seconds until I almost passed her. I'm quite a shy guy and wasn't really sure if she looked at me because she's interested so I didn't go to talk to her that night.

Then the next week, same bar she's there again with the same girlfriend. Until now, I've seen both of them at the same bar the same time every week (6 weeks). I'm a frequent visitor of that bar but I never saw them there before the night of the eye contact...

every time I see her she seems to avoid eye contact with me, only from a further distance she dares to take a glance at me. I also noticed that her girlfriend sometimes looks at me so I've been having a strong feeling that the girl is really shy and her girlfriend is trying to pull her closer to me. Her girlfriend is a friend of my friend so it even happened that my friend and her girlfriend started a conversation while me and the girl were kinda like uncomfortable standing next to them. I tried to catch her eye but she was quite obviously avoiding me.

It also happened that I went for some drinks for my mates and while I'm waiting for my drinks, she appears next to me and orders two drinks. She was staring 45° to my side. I looked at her once and was expecting her to look at me but she didn't. I looked at her again but she kept staring nervously at that 45° angle. Then she got her drinks and walked away quite in a hurry it seemed.

Now last week I thought things got too obvious. They were constantly moving around in the bar in a way that I would notice them. Then her girlfriend passed by and looked at me like "follow us and talk to her...", then she followed and gave me a quick shy glance an looked back down. So then I decided to go talk to her. They seemed to expect me because they both looked at me as I approached. I asked for her name and I told her that I saw her a couple of times at the bar and that she looked really beautiful. It was a short conversation and she giggled at pretty much every answer she gave me but when I said it's been like quite some weeks I've been noticing her at the bar, she answered: "oh, that's funny because it's the first time I see you here." I was totally confused but at that moment I concluded she must not really like me because she obviously noticed me before during those 6 weeks, especially that first week of the eye contact...

But now I feel so bad because I didn't continue to talk to her and I don't know what to think of it...

Do you think she's interested?

I expect to see her again next week, what should I do when I see her?

Maybe interesting info: I heard she broke up with her boyfriend a few months ago and feels really angry about that relationship...


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  • She said that because she doesn't want to sound like a loser or stalkerish noticing you every time.


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  • It sounds like she really likes you yes, and her answer about "first time I see you here", was probably just in a moment of nervousness lol, I'm pretty sure she was as nervous as you :P

    Don't worry too much about it, just go up to her next time you see her and ask how she's been, what she's been doing... etc. Her hobbies, you know that kind of stuff! :) Good luck!

  • ofc she's into you.

    don't be dense.

    if the friend invites you over, she likes you. Period. End of story.

  • It's like when people act like they've never creeped your Facebook page when in reality, they have, many times. No one wants to seem like a creep. Not that you saying that makes you a creep. She clearly likes playing hard to get, and saying "Oh my god! I've seen you too!" is far from hard to get. IMO


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  • Ok. You were at attraction stage when she giggled at things that weren't even funny, when she said this is my first time seeing you here she was trying to see your reaction and how you would take it so basically it was a test. Don't bring up negative things if you see her again be friendly and banter, go up to her and tease her, flirt...She will test your confidence numerous times if she says something like why are you such a nerd! ignore it and keep continuing the convo. Give her friend attention to so she sees you as a nice guy. She will start talking about herself and that where you have to be like that's interesting or that's awesome.. give her recognition. anyway I think you should try and if it doesn't work there's more girls that should be your mentality when you see her.