Why can't he look at me when I talk to him though?

He struggles to make eye contact with you when you talk alone and is kind of coy and bashful? He also brought up the fact that he realized too late that I text him and he overlooked it and felt bad, he tried to thoroughly explain why he didn't see it but I wasn't user about it or was going to bring it up. He wanted to make sure I knew he would have responded if he got it correctly (something happened to his phone). Why can't he look at me when I talk to him though?


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  • It seems that he's just intimidated or comes really nervous when you're around.

    Most of the time, it's termed as attraction.

    • So how do you get past it? I ran after him to tell him a

      Thank you for indirectly helping me w something and he was modest and bashful. Still, the entire time, even smiling and all, he struggled to look at me and even got figity if I stood too close so I remained a few feet away. So I shouldn't be hurt that he couldn't look at me?

    • Of course. There's nothing wrong when he can't look at you because he's just attracted to you.

    • That's it?! Ok, so if guys are atteacted to something, they can't look at it? Doesn't it appear obvious that the girl feels awkward and rejected? Hat there's something wrong w her?

  • Insecure about himself.

    • Meaning what?

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    • At least you moved it along, hopefully it will be bigger than a friendship :) I rooting you on!

    • Now it's just plain awkward beteeen us. Very difficult for him to make no eye contact.

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