Why would he be happy to see me?

So there is this guy I've chased for like an entire semester like crazy, who I was head over heels for. He never responded to em back although we have never spoken. But the signs were there and even his co-workers knew about my feelings. I've stopped chasing after him because I felt liek the male, and avoided him at all cause and have not seen him. He saw em recetly and when I looked to my side I caught him already staring at me, making it obvious, so many people but in all he decided to keep looking at me and he had such like a happy presence about seeing me .I acted normal and kept it moving like my feeling had died out. Why would eh be happy? I know I'm not ugly for one and I also know I have a nice body) part of being Latina). So what is it with him?


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  • It seems that he's still attracted to you even now that's why he's so blissful every time he sees you.


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