Where should we look for the Aliens?

I did the "the government is" google thing..

and it told me the government is hiding aliens!

Where should I look for them?


Google wouldn't lie right? That is Wikipedia's job...



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  • AREA 51 would be a good start

    • Janson!

      It said OUR gov't! Harper! maybe that is why he had to sign for the Panda's himself?

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    • China rarely lets Panda's out... let alone a breeding pair..

      and they were given to "Canada" not Toronto..

      We get them for 5 years, then they go to Calgary for 5...

    • ah I see. Well thanks for educating me on this, because I really had noo idea.

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  • In my backyard, for some reason aliens make great fertilizer, you should see the size of my vegetables I pick out of my garden. :D

    Honestly, you should stop looking into American government files about aliens, they will just deny everything.

    Almost all governments from all over the world like Russia, China, Japan and your favorite neighbors the Canadians and the Mexicans have declassified their ufo files.

    They agree that many are hoaxes, but also that many of the mass sightings and UFO they themselves tried to shoot down aren't from this earth.

    Yes, Putin himself , the President / Dictator of Russia had a conference and said why the USA is covering this sh*t up, looking for microbes on Mars when we know that we have been visited so many times by space ships not from this earth. Unless the US has more to gain from this then them. https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=XHM3sqRk6gI , https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=ydBa6qdPQRg .

    It could also be that the Russians are using this as a counter to US supremacy, but why would the Canadians and the Mexicans also do the same thing, they don't have to much to gain, but who knows.

    We won't come to an agreement until all nations acknowledge the existence of alien beings including the US.

    The US is afraid of mass hysteria, but I don't see the Russians, Canadians and Mexicans or the Japanese people going hysterical, nope, they are rather preparing for the worse and rearming themselves.

    Maybe the Republicans should use their alien invasion card and thus that way let the American people hold their rights to be able to carry fire arms. :D.

    See problem solved.

    • Oh, wikileaks is a valuable resource about this. We can always trust Julian Assange :P. The most hated man by every Government in the world except the Ecuadorians. hahaha

    • um, Google said my gov't was hiding aliens...

      Not the Americans...

  • somebody already mentioned area 51

    so I'll go with the outside of earth reasons..

    the reason we can't discover alien life, it's like

    the stars, if you look up and see a star, it's just the light

    you can see, the real star might've been gone for a long time

    it's the same if we discover odd signals or sounds from

    somewhere, even if we went there to check, the source

    would've been gone for a long time, it's like an echo

    from the past ^.~

  • Well, let's see... Fort Knox no longer houses the Gold Bullion reserve. So what's there, that needs all the security?

    Area 51 was always a good conspiracy nut bet, except it turned out to be a test flight center for spy planes, and the Russians had had excellent coverage of the area for decades.

    Any corpses or ET biological material would be a potential biohazard on Earth, so a facility like the CDC would be good. Where ever their most secure biological containment units are located.

    But the simple truth is, if we had any aliens (and access to the corresponding tech) it would make most sense to keep them off Earth all together. For security as well as biohazard and contamination reasons.

  • Watch "Ancient Aliens", a documentary by the History Channel. I don't think you can actually "find" aliens just by looking for them.

    I don't know if we really should look for Aliens. Do we really know what kinds of diseases they might bring or how dangerous they might be?

    • Ancient aliens is full of so much confirmation biased and the series has been debunked.

    • I know that a lot of what is said is too good to be true, but there are some things that are okay. However, it is more for entertainment than for truth.

  • GAG. Lots of aliens!

  • Aliens?

    You mean illegals?

  • google maps didn't help?

  • I don't really believe much anymore, but I've heard crazy things about Dulce new Mexico. Area 51 is just a weapons and testing facility, doupt there's aliens there.

  • I have one under my bed, His name is phil and he does my homework. He also serves as an internet router. sometimes he tries to tell jokes. But I just laugh to make him feel good, he's not really that funny

  • tried typing "the aliens are in" into google? maybe it will tell you ;)

  • A Tatooine cantina

  • Mexico?


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