Will I look bad with mascara and eyeshadow?

Okay so I have a bit of acne. I'm tan so you can't really tell and it is well controlled but sometimes I do break out. I was wondering if I can still look good with mascara and eyeshadow, no foundation, powder, or concealer. I get this conscious feeling that I will look bad. By the way I have big brown eyes, but I don't know if mascara will look good on me? Guys what do you think, your opinion please.


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  • every girl would look good with mascara, just learn how to use it right. Aksi why wouldn't you want to use foundation? is it because you could break out more? I can tell you from experience that oil free foundation isn't bad and other girl friends that have acne could say the same.

    • Foundation clogs my pores even the oil free, and my face looks better without it... with it my pores look clogged that's why. Thanks tho for your answer (: Oh yeah and how would you use mascara the right way?

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    • thanks so much (:

    • thanks for best answer :)

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  • You won't look bad...just not as good.

    In my opinion, it looks way better with an even skin tone. Unless you do have an even skin tone. It just seems like if you have a red face or anything like that, the focus is more on that then on the eyeshadow and the work you did on your eyes.

    • not as good? really think so?

  • I think you will look good