Prom is coming faster than a freight train!

Okay, so I finally found a prom dress that I like. It's a size zero (I'm petite, barely 5'1), strapless and tiered, champagne/beige/light brown colored dress that hits somewhere slightly south of mid-calf. It has a classy yet fun mesh top fabric and is covered in gold glittery shimmer! I'm wearing gold open-toed strappy stilettos, that I already own.

I have pale, red-undertoned skin, dark/dirty/dishwater blond chin length hair (wavy/curly), and blue eyes.

The only problem is that the dress really washed me out, so I went to the Benefit make-up counter in the mall and had the guy experiment a little. I tried on my dress again with the dark brownish red lipstick, foundation that took the red out and made my skin much more olive colored, and a coral blush. I owned that dress. I looked like a starlet whose pale skin wasn't pasty but purposefully and dramatically fair. With the make-up bringing some warmth into my face, it looked like I chose the pale dress color to emphasis my pale, seemingly flawless skin. It was amazing.

So, here are my questions:

a). Do I have to go out and buy all that new make-up?,

b). If I'm wearing that dark brownish red lipstick, should I match my nails to it? Or would that look too edgy? Or is a little edge with this look a good thing? What would you do? Match the gold in the dress?,

c). My prom date is my boyfriend and we like to kiss, lol, is it stupid to wear dark lipstick? Will it just end up all over my face-- and his?

d). Purse... what type and color?

e). Jewelery?

Please help! Thank you so much!


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  • a. no

    b. matching your make up or your dress are both good options and both are dependent on what you want. personally I'd match my nails to my makeup, but it's your choice.

    c. test it out, if it smudges a lot try wearing some sort of lip stuff over it they make to keep if from smudging... or you could do your friends a favor and keep it to a minimum. ;]

    d. preferably gold, but whatever matches.

    e. since its strapless, maybe a gold necklace with a nice lipstick colored pendant and dangling gold earrings.

    Good luck and have fun on your prom! Btw, do you have any pics of the dress?

    • I wouldn't really say this is an accurate photo. you can't see the gold glitter, which is a big part of the dress. also, in person it doesn't look quite that tan colored. or else I'm going mad... no, it's prettier in person....

    • Haha, that's why shopping online is so hard. I like the ruffles though. It's feminine without overdoing it. I bet it looks really good on you too. :]

    • Hehe. thanks :)

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  • You know on average freight trains move at about 20 mph? I know I didn't really help with your question but just thought you would like to know...

    • Well, I still have a little time, so it's coming semi-quickly and steadily. Like the tortoise. And you know he always wins...

    • I didn't know that, lansing...ya learn something new everyday, don't ya?

      as far as the question goes, ill just let the girls answer, haha

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