Could he be interested or did he stare to show he knows I "stalk" him?

Ok, so I have a crush on this guy and I'm 100% sure he knows I like him Because his co-workers be talking. Anyways, I usually appear "coincidentally" where he's at with a friend of mine, and we do this whenever he's there, just making up an excuse to be around him. Anyways, I was going up these escalator to actually go see him with my friend, and when I looked back I caught him already staring at me. We looked at each other for like 4 sec until I looked away and then I turn to look at him again to STILL find him staring. That day I looked nice had a nice black dress on and my hair loose. I'm not sure if they told him in the radio, he sexurity guard co-workers about me and so he was expecting me. He stred with no facial expression and so did I. He even had his head tilted to look at me and his eyes conveyed more of curiosity or distraction. Then I caught him trying to glance at me when we were like 10 feet away and then when I looked, he looked away. And his body language is usually intimidating, his posture is all erect, his head is up, a serious expression, but this time he was kind of relaxed a bit


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  • It seems that he looked at you because you really look ravishing. Surely, he's attracted to you even you wore that nice black dress.


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