I'm pregnant and I was OK with my boyfriend looking at other women but now I'm not what do I do

before I was pregnant I didn't mind if he glanced at other women but now that everything us growing on my body I feel so uncomfortable and when I see him glance I get hurt cause I feel like I don't look good right now and I notice he looks at these nice thin girls and right now I'm ginormous! How do I tell him? Should I tell him?

another question is do guys get hurt if their girlfriend or wife looks at other good looking guys does it bother even just a bit?


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  • There isn't anything that you can do about it. Men are hard-wired to like attractive women. We are stimulated by what we see. It doesn't mean that we want to ACT on that impulse. It just means we are human. It's only of the things that you put up with from a guy you love. It's kind of the same deal with him putting up with the non-stop farting pregnant women are known for, also the unpredictable mood swings and tendancy to snap. You put up with that stuff because you love the mother of you baby. Goes both ways. So unless you have mastered a way of keeping gas inside your butt and not acting crazy, then let him steal a glance or two at a hot woman who happens to cross his path. As long as he's not cheating with her, or attempting to do so in your face. None of us are perfect.

    • lol that made me laugh thanks for your reply

  • You should really tell him about your feelings.

    You are also a human who wants to feel the support of your love one.


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