!! (Copper or green )!!

So my eye color has been changing lately back and forth between like this light emeald green or this goldesh copper which do you think would look better on me if I could only choose 1i have long wavy natural ginger hair very pale white skin not paper pale thou and my eyes are a little bigger than average same with my lips age 20

Y I like goldish copper : I like it because it is like the exact same color as my hair I am a natural ginger and its matches with most my cloths what I dislike aboute it : people don't give me much completes on it and they say it's common

Y I like light emerald green : I get tones of compliments and it's more rare : what I dislike aboute it : I get told all the time it looked like someone smushed Christmas on my face

  • Goldesh copper
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  • Light emerald green
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  • Light emerald green is still the most attractive.


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  • Contrary to popular belief, eyes don't change color

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