Why did this guy touch my hand and then walk away?

this guy I see him in the nightclub a few times... and we both kept staring at each other while we were on the dance floor.. but he kept looking away and back again at me and then looks down at his phone all of the time lol

anyway the last night he never stared that much but he was walking by me and we touched each others hands and he let go slowly as he walked by but didn't look or talk to me?

and if I see him again what should I do?


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  • He has a hand fetish! xD

    Seriously though, you'll never find out his true motives unless you ask him. And are you interested in him? If yes, then go for it! Ask him. Maybe he likes you and this is his way of gesturing you to initiate a conversation.

  • I think by touching your hands, he was trying to let you know that he likes you. The question is, do You like him? Is so, than talk to him next time.

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