Girl not looking for anything serious is she coming around?

Theres this girl I like and she gave me her number through FB due to her ex cheated on her. Well we hung out couple times, and gone on 2 dates and on one of them we made out(no sex, she stopped me and told me not to rush, and that she wasn't looking for anything serious) Well we flirted last night about how we could get each other addicted to sex, lol and I hinted that wanted to see her, like going out. but she didn't reply back til this morning, wishing me a good morning :) She plays hard to get what should I do to the goodmorning text reply or ignore it?

Also I beleive she is a tease, she plays hard to get. I'm totally confused about this chick she shows interest but then doen't WTF


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  • If you like her don't igrnore her say good morning back, ignoring her isn't gonna get you any sex.