Why is she looking weird at me?

Why is she acting weird when she haves a boyfriend..?

A girl rejected me 3 months ago, knew each other for one week. 2-3 weeks after she went out with a other guy, they are in relationship right now, steady relationship

She told me I was weird for liking her then I told her I had a crush in her many months before I introduced myself.. We stopped talking after that.

I sat talking to my female friend, just talking.Then I noticed something about the another girl.

* she looked back fast to se if I was looking at her

* We both caught each other looking and she held her mouth open a little bit, she looked at me casually..

Im not interested in her anymore, but I like to know what she was thinking, why does she do that when she have a boyfriend.. I notice other times she look at me and looks away sometimes and somedays she won't even look at me..

She is very goodlooking and confident


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  • It's because she has grown to like you over the months, and she finds you attractive.