Looking for a certain rap song?

I can't find it anywhere. I learned a dance to it in my hip hop class, but I never knew the title of the song, and I don't know many of the words. I do know that it repeats "Tick tick tick tick" alot, and then it says something about Lebron, and then it says "We-me" but I don't remember anything else. Does anybody recognize this? I've tried searching the lyrics, but nothing looked or sounded familiar.


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  • Who was the artist or at least what did they sound like? is it a newish song? does it play on the radio?

    • I'm not sure who it was, and I don't really hear it on the radio, but it's not my normal style of music, so I probably don't hear it on the same station. It's some guy singing, but I don't listen to enough rap to know if it's new, or who it is.

    • First guess link

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