How can we stop the abuse of our elderly, look at these men who have to work like this?

They both lost their pension due to Obama care and his plan, and now they are forced to do show biz to eat. This is sick.



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  • "Obamacare" doesn't cut pensions...pensions are private funds for those retiring from a company or industry. They are public if you are a public servant, such as a teacher, police officer, etc...

    I'm not saying the Health Care law is start-spangled awesome, I'm just saying it doesn't affect pensions.

    But, this is a YouTube video. If the world revolved around YouTube videos, Jenna Marbles would be president. (which I would fully support) lol

    • Lolol jenna marbles would be hilarious as president dx

    • Actually Obamacare can potentially cut pensions indirectly by increasing costs for the company. If the company is already having financial difficulty the increased costs for Obamacare can drive them further into financial crisis. That in turn can cause them to cut back on pensions or downright default. Any increased costs at all can affect pensions for a company having financial difficulty.

      (Not saying that has anything to do with the video because that sounds like typical internet bs.)

    • it's true Obama only brings us into more debt.

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  • First off why do you even watch that sh*t lol

    Secondly like jeremy20 said Obamacare doesn't affect pensions

    Thirdly do you know these people? Did they tell you their pensions got cut so they were "forced" to do this video? Did they tell you they will starve if they don't do this video? Did you do research and discover this information if you don't know them? I'm guessing no.

    • a lot are them

    • i don't have money to spare right now unfortunately, when I do sure ill give it to charities that I support

      if you think theyre so needy why don't YOU help them

  • They may have fun doing that. They aren't forced to do that they could get another job if they wanted.

  • I need to get off the internet...