I messed up boys can I get some help please

I'm sorta interested in this guy I don't like him I'm just attracted and he haven't noticed me until one time we crossed paths and I feel like since then he has been stealing glances not a lot just sometimes. Well he locked eyes with me when I was heading for the bathroom and (I have this bad habit when a cute guy looks at me I sharply turn my head away and don't smile just walk away ) turned away since then he hasn't looked as much and if he does he looks for like a second . His older brother started to look so I know they talk about me . I don't know how to fix this bad impression we have never spoke but I wanna know how I can fix this . I'm sorta close to their sister if that helps any


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  • make eye contact, and smile, really smile while maitaining eye contact, and when you walk past him, turn your head to look at him, he will do the same, this is when you pull your head away, but do it while smiling, this will fix any bad impressions by your last reaction,x

  • 1.)Smile and lock eyes with him to correct it

    2.)'' I'm sorta interested in this guy, I don't like him... I'm just attracted.'' wtf does that mean... girls are so confusing.


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