Why do men prefer skinny women?

I have seen good looking men with skinny women that was not necessarily on their level, but they had a hot body.

What's wrong with a girl that is a little heavier. Not too heavy but she looks nice in her clothes, carries herself well, and has a pretty face?

Most peole will say, "I would totally go for a confident heavier girl" but never do.

Why are slimmer women traditionally more sought out after than bigger women? I'm not talking fat and nasty. But an in shape heavier set women like how snooki used to look before she lost weight. OF COURSE NOT SNOOKI'S APPEARANCE, I JUST MEAN HER BODY TYPE LOL.

Bigger women can have hot bodies too. What's wrong with having some hips, thighs, and breasts?

I know every guy is different, I'm talking generally.

Example: My friend and I went out and people always tell us: "You are the prettier one, and she is the hotter one" not to sound full of myself, but I am more attractive facially than her, but her body is much better than mine. She gets hit on more. Her friend (not my friend we don't get along) is what my guy friend caller a butterface. Yet she gets hit on all the time.


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  • probably because skinny women are the types on Playboy, Sports Illustrated, FHM, etc. So the media has said: "skinny women are the desirable ones". And men being men, all proud and all that, would rather go for what the media says. Although there are exceptions, but the majority of the male population looks for women they can brag to their buddies about. They wouldn't want a girl who their buddies might think is not hot. But again, it depends on the maturity of the guy, I guess. The more mature a guy is, the less size and approval of other guys will matter to him.

    • I agree. It is all about bragging to their friends. Although a bigger girl may be prettier, her beauty may be perceived as controversial to others less mature.

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  • Not every guy is attracted to skinny girls, or to just skinny girls, but in general, thinner people have nicer body shapes (yes, there are exceptions).

    Also, guys can see into the future, and they've seen thousands of times that people who are a little chunky in their teens and 20s get outright FAT in their 30s and 40s. Almost everyone gains weight as they age, but thin people *generally* only gain a little, while heavier people generally gain a lot.

    Look at pictures of even thin celebrities like Tom Hanks, Quentin Tarantino, John Travolta, Christy Brinkley, Goldie Hawn, Carrie Fisher, etc. 20 years ago compared to today. Even these people, who are wealthy and can afford personal trainers, the best, healthiest foods, and personal chefs to cook for them, still gain weight over the years. "Normal" people tend to be worse, but people who start heavy tend to gain a LOT more than those who start thin.

    When I graduated high school, my class of 900 had about 15 girls who were over 140 pounds. I'd bet less than 20 of them are under 140 today. That's just the reality. I'm sure if you look at all the people you know in their 30s and 40s, and look at pictures of them at 20, you'll see what I mean.

    I'm not trying to be mean or cruel; you asked the question and I'm answering it. I'm fat myself, so I'm not judging anyone.

    • OOk, I can see you argument about the shape. But I completely disagree about the bigger people gain more weight theory. As we age, our hormone levels decrease making it more difficult to lose weight, and in effect we all add weight as we age. Especially for women around the time of menopause. However, how much you gain or lose soley depends on lifestyle. I see how you made the observation by the celebrities you named, but there are factors that you and I don't see that play into the weight gain

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    • OR you could always work out and keep your body in shape no matter what age, yeah it works just saying.

    • That was exactly my point shenholds09. Regardless of age and body size, anyone can gain or lose weight. Being heavier does not make you more suseptible to weight gain than a skinnier person. Lifestyle makes a person gain or lose weight. Not whether or not a person starts off overweight or skinny. Stupid theory, right?

  • What one guy here said is absolutely true: skinny girls turn a bit heavy AFTER childbirth and heavy girls turn FAT, OBESE, portly.

    Heavy girl's "date-selves" are just fine. But if they have kids then what ever fine line they were walking between curvy and porker is totally crossed and forgotten.

    All of sudden (after kids) they are "happy with themselves" and "content to live life as it comes".

    Yeah, right. Heavy women's only inspiration after kids is Oprah. Because only a successful fat chick can make another fat chick feel good about themselves.

    Love it or hate it, but there's your answer.

  • I prefer meat on bones.

  • Cuz when there old they'll stay fit but a girl that is heavy might get fat when she has 2 kids . But not the skinny one . The skinny one will be heavy and the heavy ones get a little belly

    • The tighter the better , the skinner the better ! ( I hate that cottencandydreams user )

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    • Haha shenholds09! I just disregarded his comment. It didn't even have any logical value.

    • Damn girls are physico's now days lol . Calm down your all pretty . Ur body doesn't matter as log as your not overweight

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  • Because a girl can be skinny and have hips, thighs and breasts

    Women confuse curves with excess weight

    • Though it's not common. I will simply speak medically since I am a premed student. The proportion of one's hips, thighs, and breasts are in relation to how much fat they have on their body and how you are genetically predispositioned to fat deposition. Therefore, it only makes sense that larger women have larger breasts, butts, and thighs than those of a slimmer woman. That's why many skinny women now want butts and try to do squats to get a bigger butt,but the butt is a muscle surrounded by fat

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    • Logical is the wrong word to use. A term word to use would be "medically viable." Which I gave you a medical foundation before I gave you examples about the surgery. Anywhoooo, this is a pointless argument. Your input is no longer needed or valued in this conversation. Thank you and good night.

    • Obviously your opinion is the truth which is why you're asking this

  • Gurl I would love to know too.

    Some are just talk and no presentation.

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