What's wrong with me?

So guys out there. I have a crush on this guy and we talk a lot in one of the classes we have together. However he likes one of my friends who is about to go out with my best friend whom I was going to date before she moved here. I try being really helpful. Helping him with her and her with him. I just don't get what's wrong with me. Any ideas how I could attract his attention? I'll post a pic so you guys can tell me what I need to fix

Thanks a lot guys! :)


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  • Don't just assume that there is something wrong with you. If you feel that your friend seems to be taking the guys that you like then say something to her about it. Don't just keep quiet because your afraid of upsetting her. If she falls out with you over it then she isn't really a very good friend. Try and be acertive and if you see a guy that you like then just take the risk and go for it. You friend could just be insecure and only asking out guys that you like because she is scared to put the effort in and find someone herself.

  • You are super sexy that the thing wrong with you.

    Guys around you might be not compatible with you so they might be feeling to keep low themselves.

    I once again say, you are damn super sexy. This is one of sexiest male on this site rating for you.



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