Guy found out I like him now shows off in front of me?

Well I liked this guy he found out said he couldn't date me cause I was his friends sister. Now he purposely tries to come in front of me. Looks at me. And shows off like he'll be walking in a cool style or stuff. What should I do about him? I don't look when he wants me to cause I'm getting annoyed by this I liked him for his goofiness. Is he trying to impress me or something?

Should I be flattered?


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  • Yes, you liking him was a confidence booster because he probably feels the same way about you.

    I've been like this when I was in high school,

    Didn't know how to act around the person I found liked me and instead made myself look awkward.

    It's ok!

    He's still the same person, try to pursue him.

    • If two actually pursue something maybe the awkward air will go away and he can relax and be himself.

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    • He didn't even know my name before just knew me as _____'s sister

    • You can like someone you barely know (visually). I'm sure he won't do this "act" for long. He enjoys knowing you like him

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  • If it bothers you that much move on and tell him you moved on and go on with your life

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