Allergic to the sun? A real condition?

So I have this friend that's a girl, and she says she is allergic to the sun :(

I sounded weird at first but now it's kind of sad... Anyways.

So when she's in the sun she gets a headache, her eyes get puffy, and she sneezes(a lot). Said she has low melanin so she burns... gets blisters.

What is this disease called? She has to stick to the shade, because all of this happens within 5 seconds :( It must really suck.

Any ideas?


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  • I think it's this: link

    • O.O "Less than 40% of patients survive beyond age 20 years. Individuals with milder disease may survive beyond middle age."

      !!!!! She's 14!

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    • :) She doesn't have freckles!... only some in the summer. So she most likely doesn't have this :))))

      Happier now! Might be the PMLE thing, and that's curable.

    • Individuals with milder disease may survive beyond middle age.

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  • link

    Google is your friend. :)

    I first heard of it on The Others. Then there is a girl in my school (very pale) who claims she is allergic to the sun, but I never asked how that worked.

  • Yeah, I can't remember the name of the disease, but it is real. It is not low melanin, it is that she lacks a cellular enzyme that protects against or corrects cellular damage caused by the sun.

    Xeroderma pigmentosum--is that what she has?

    I guess there are other photosensitivity disorders as well.


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  • A wide rimmed hat, quality sun glasses and eventually long sleeves, certainly in spring. No sun tanning and high UV factor protection .

    The first sunny & warm days of the year guarantee me a serious conjunctivitis if I don't pay attention. I then use a cream or gel with corticosteroids on it.

    Later in summer I can stand almost anything but real sun tanning.

    My daughter in law gets blisters.

    (un)fortunately the country where I live in this moment isn't verry sunny.

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