Why did he act this way and why can't I forget him?

Please read and advice me :)

Okay so I'm 19(girl) and a freshman in university and now this guy and I go to different universities, but I still think of him. :(

During sophomore, junior, & senior years of high school, he would stare at me occasionally. I would catch him as he walked by while I would sit with a friend at lunch and he'd just stare and didn't look away when I caught him and we would stare at each other for a long 3-4 seconds until one of us would look away. I usually looked away first cause I felt awkward, but then I'd look up again to check and he was still staring. Other times he would stare and look away after we stared for a few seconds then look at me again.

I felt like he stared because he found me attractive; I don't think he liked me cause he seemed annoyed with me when, for example, I would get something correct in class or something. Sometimes I really really disliked him cause he was an annoying jerk sometimes (sure in order to get attention), but other times, he just seemed like he wanted to be liked and be funny. He was in the sorta "popular" group. (Jock, tall,fit, kinda good looking)

I was quiet. I think I am attractive, pretty, so that could've have been the ONLY reason he stared. Or could it be that he wanted to get to know me, but was scared? I wanted to make convo with him sometimes, and I would have, but then I would think how rude is was, and I was like, "Don't give him a chance!"

Now I look back and think that if I had talked to him, we could have gotten to know each other, even if only becoming friends.

I must admit, I was physically attracted to him, but didn't like some of the ways he acted.

***Also, one time I was in a group with him and asked the group to explain something, and he explained it to me, staring directly into my eyes. He looked a little nervous, like he had the look of when you are looking at someone you like, but I just don't know! He also complimented me one time for something in gym class.

*He also probably was scared to talk to me cause my normal face looks a little angry, but I was just being neutral, but he has seen me when I laugh and smile with friends. He must have thought I disliked him, which I did sometimes.


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  • It's clear that he's attracted to your physical beauty.

    You should really talk to him a lot.

    Don't let your thoughts get over you.


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