Do petite girls have a preference in a man's muscular size?

I have read many places that shorter girls like a guy who is tall. Even though I feel like this is not true because most girls who are shorter act overwhelmed or not comfortable talking/flirting with me.

I am 6 foot 2, and my favorite height on a girl is between 5 foot 2 and 4.

So, if I am really at a height these girls would be into, is it maybe my body mass? I am 175 pounds. So that is pretty thin for my height. I wear size medium shirts which will be fairly tight. So I appear pretty skinny.

So, the clearest question is, do petite woman want a man who is taller, and especially not skinny?

p.s. I do work out, run, play basketball and lift, I just don't get very big.


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  • You can afford to put on some weight but your weight doesn't bother me too much.

    • I work out like a mad man, and use whey protein and creatine. I simply don't get bigger.

    • As long as you're healthy, I'm thin too so its OK by me.

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  • Well I don't know about all girl's preferences but I would like a guy to be a lot taller than me, I'm 5'1, just because that's what I want. Some petite girls wouldn't mind a guy a couple of inches taller than her and then there are some who like a guy a whole foot taller than her.

  • i'm a petite women, I am 70% attracted to tall guys and the rest to shorter than average guys.

    The main reason I would not date someone as tall as you is because I would feel embarrassed that you would be ashamed of what others would say, it can end up looking like you are dating a 10 year old girl instead of a women. And also it can make things like kissing or hugging awkward.

    Dont mind about height, you can be as skinny as a model I would still date you.

    • Interesting, this is something I have already thought before. However, shorter girls say they prefer much taller guys. However, you don't see that combination NEARLY as much as more closer in height.

      And yes, I did have this exact problem. When I was a little younger, and 6 foot 1, I was dating a girl whow as 4 foot 11. It was great, except the awkward walking and holding hands with her. So I just would not hold hands with her.

  • No

    I've never really been particular about that, tbh. Skinny-average-husky or whatever, I like bigger guys is all I know.

    I don't understand boys height to weight ratio either

  • I am 5 foot 2, I love tall guys. It would be better if he could be a little thick and muscular.

  • im 5ft. I love taaaallll guys. you need to gain weight. I'm a southern girl so I like a guy who looks like he can do a lot of yard work choppin wood and stuff. not necesarily muscular. but toned and strong lookin


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  • Do all tall men prefer short women?

    Do all short woment prefer tall men?

    Neither of these questions follow naturally from observing one individual with a preference.

    A more natural question would be:

    A) I am tall and prefer short women, do more tall men feel the same?


    B) I am a short woman and prefer tall men, do more short woment feel the same?


    My quess would be that it is pretty evenly distributed. And that you'll find every kind preference spread over the spectrum.

  • I'm also 6'2" but I am a much heavier set, I weigh 210 lbs. I can also life 3 times my body weight, (375 lb squat and 280 lbs bench.)

    I am also into short girls of that range, bu no of them ever pay attention to me. :(

    • see, that is weird. Short girls claim they want taller guys, and especially more muscular guys like you, but then they never get with guys like us.

      Wonder why...

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