Ladies, What do you look for more in a guy?

Would you be more impressed if a guy who saved up for you and moved to the same state to live with you or would you be impressed if a guy you loved changed for the better, got well established and bought a house!


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  • If it was a LDR I would want him to save up to be closer to me. If he buys a house and we're still far away it doesn't really change anything between us unless of course he plans on asking me to move into his house with him.

    • Women know that men who ask them to move in, mean that the guy is pretty serious about her. Of course cheating and divorces happen all the time butttt it's still the fact that you're asking her to move in. She's probably going to say yes, but not always

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    • Hate who?

    • Oh nothing. Its too complicated

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