It's been another three months...

There's a guy, I reli like him before and now I kinda like him...haven't seen him in months and just saw him this Saturday, I was surprised but I didn't show it. I couldn;t dare to look at him properly...I feel like such a coward, we were sitting in a circle or sth but I couldn;t look at him straight...nth happened then...

then after this we kinda move around freely and he was kinda playing a wooden plate wif wheels as his skateboard, and he was hovering around me, for a few time we were face to face and we stared at each other, but I looked away first and did sth else, pretend to be busy, felt he;s still looking at me, then another time he was just behind me, I looked back and he;s staring and I kinda teased him for riding that /skateborad and turned around, he looked down and I didn't expect him to respond but he responded reli slow ,like 5 sec after dat...

N I bumped into him outside ,he;s chatting wif his frd, I kinda waved but didn;t reli say bye, it;s kinda like a 5 moreXD and he just nodded and smile Because he's chatting


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  • cool story, sis

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    • He just make my heart race, he makes me feel special...idk~the last time I talked to him I was kinda teasing him and I moved away as soon as I finished as he's looking down, like I didn't know he'll respond but after a few seconds he murmured some words and I didn't turn back. I jst don't know:/

    • You are overanalyzing the tiniest details. There is nothing I can do for you unless you talk to him more and spend lots of time getting to know him better.

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