Is locking eyes a sign of interest?

There is this woman in one of my PTSD groups and I am not sure whether to read into whether she likes me or not.

A couple of weeks ago she was verbally attacked by a patient and she started laughing and the woman therefore continued to attack. In the art group I was standing up for the woman that was attacked (she wasn't in art at the time). During closing group everyone gets a turn to say their highs and lows and as soon as it came to her she looked straight at me and smiled at me and said she was pleased with the work I done in art and the feedback she heard about me.

A few days later during opening group it came to me to mention what was on my mind. So after I said what I said I looked up and she was looking at me and smiled. I don't really talk much but I did that day. The person next to me she didn't smile that much to. At the end of the day I was the first to leave and as I got out the door I stopped and turned round to wait for someone as I walk to the station with me. As I looked back this woman was coming out and looked at just before talking to another person and smiled at me as if to say goodbye.

On Monday morning, I caught her out the corner of my eyes looking at me from my shoes upwards, kinda like looking me down and up as opposed to up and down lol.

Then on Monday afternoon someone mentioned that I gave them really good feedback in art that helped them and she mentioned I was smart. The attention came to me and I said a few things and the attention was then diverted away from me. Out of the corner of my eye the same woman was sitting next to me and I noticed her looking at me. As I turned and looked at her we locked eyes for a few seconds and then I looked down to her cheeks because they looked warm, friendly, etc., but as I looked down at her cheeks she still looked at me fom out of the corner of my eye. I then looked away.

Today she was a bit off and didn't get anything from her. Do you think a therapist has caught us looking and has had a word? is it possible I put her off by doing art work of an ex-girlfriend? And is it possible she worked out through my xrypted messages about a friend that I like and has worked it out it was her and has realized it could jeopardise her career? I thought she liked me.

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  • She might have a little thing for you- or maybe not. But I think it's entirely possible that whomever runs your group picked up on some signals and maybe pulled her aside or somehow let her know that maybe it's not such a great idea to pursue you or whatever. People in the same group (therapy or counseling) usually don't date- it can really f*** up the dynamic. And that place needs to be a SAFE place for every member. Please don't misunderstand me- I am not trying to say there is anything wrong with you OR her. But if you guys are all working on stuff, then *that* needs to be the priority. Could be you caught her eye but she decided that she's not ready to attempt anything...maybe she feels like she's not ready or she has other stuff going on inside herself that she needs to focus on. That's not her being selfish or closed off- if she's struggling, it's damn decent of her not to want to run the risk of bringing you down, especially if she thinks *you* might be in a vulnerable state yourself. You feel me? Maybe she's trying to look out for you both.

    (Of course, I could be wrong. But I have seen the guy/girl stuff go down when one or both is trying to work on some sh*t, and it can get a little weird. Also, I could be WAY off base, no way for me to know.)

    Good luck to you- keep doing your thing. I wish you the best.


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  • It seems that she likes you a lot.

  • It seems that the girl is really into you.

    You should try talking to her a lot, and don't let those eye stares do the game.

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