Do you think Hollywood encourages the tall man-short woman pairing? Examples?

Not that it originates there, because it doesn't. but do you think hollywood , tv, movies I mean, encourages this by having a majority of tall guy-much shorter woman couples.

Give examples. How many can you think of vs. couples where the height difference is barely noticeable (consider if the woman is wearing heels!), or if the woman is taller (good luck with that one)


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  • It's not just in hollywood, it's everywhere. Studies have shown that men tend to be most attracted to shorter than average women on sight (don't downvote me! I can link sources if you're interested) so part of it seems to be biology but it's reinforced by society which tells us that tall is masculine and short is feminine, therefor a woman that is taller than her man is deemed more masculine, and if a man is shorter than his woman is looked at as more feminine.

    Short women and tall men have the most options to choose from potential mates, so I think it is sometimes strange they always seem to gravitate to each other rather than someone closer to their own size.


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  • No. Most leading men in Hollywood are not very tall.

  • No.It is probably more athletes than hollywood.

  • No, I am 6'2" and I have always been attracted to shorter girls. While most women don't get over 5'10" this leaves a lot of options for me. However, something about girls that are 5'-5'4" makes them look cute and innocent, which I like a lot.

  • I don't know if hollywood encourages it but Chris Bosh and his Wife def fall into the category.

    • To be fair, the majority of girls are tiny compared to nba players.

  • I don't think so. The majority of men in hollywood aren't that tall. Most are around average give or take (surprise..). Some popular hollywood actors heights:

    Brad pitt 5'10

    Johnny Depp 5'9

    Bruce Willis 5'11

    Robert Downey Jr 5'7 1/2

    Tom Cruse 5'7 1/2

    Sylvester Stallone 5'9 1/2

    Arnold Schwarzenegger 6'1 1/2

    Jason Statham 5'9 1/2

    Leonardo DiCaprio 5'11 1/2

    Matt Damon 5'10

    Daniel Craig 5'10

    Jim Carrey 6'1 1/2

    Nicholas Cage 6'0

    Mark Wahlberg 5'8

    Ben Stiller 5'7

    Adam Sandler 5'9 1/2