Quick, easy to do hairstyles for shoulder length hair

I have shoulder length blond hair and absolutely no idea how to do it. You can see how it is by my profile. I'm not a girlie girl so this whole hair thing isn't really my forte.

I have this glow bash thing to go to for my honors program for school next weekend.

So I was thinking I should do my hair in some manner. However I have no idea what to do with it. Anything that is SUPER simple to do that would look good? I've looked online and none of the instructions look easy.

Links and directions would be best.

I know, I'm a pathetic excuse for a girl ha ha oh well.


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  • This is plain though it looks rather ravishing.



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  • Super easy: run some volumizing mousse through your damp hair and blow it out with a round brush for body and bevel. Back comb around your crown for added body. Finish with a light mist of hairspray and a boar-bristle brush to cover the backcombing and keep your ends flat.


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