How are you supposed to respond to a guy staring you down exactly?

Ok so this guy at the gym stares me down every time he is there and I always feel so I have no idea how I'm supposed to act or respond. Like he doesn't just stare, he actually holds eye contact without looking away and at first I thought I was crazy and looked away for a second to see if he would still be looking when I looked back and he was still staring me down.

I mean how is a girl supposed to respond to that? Then I ended up walking towards him because the leg press was near him so it got even more awkward and I must've looked uncomfortable because he asked if I was OK. It's a whole lot less awkward if guys actually TALK to you and say hi or something as opposed to just staring. Then as I was walking to the leg press his friend was checking out my butt too...most awkward workout ever lol.


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  • Maybe he and his friend were both checkingy you out and later comparing notes on you. There'sno reason to be so obvious about it, since the gymis full ofmirrors,right?

    Maybe the guy only knows pumping iron, and has no idea what to say to a female since he spend shis life with nearly all males,in the free weight section of the gym.

    so he just stares, as he would if here looking at a hot car!

    I guess thiis is why they more and more have all female gyms, or female only areas in other gyms!

    • Well I wasn't in the cardio section, I was in the weight room. I'm not like most girls lol, I lift heavy. He didn't seem like the kind of guy that wouldn't know what to say to a his 20s and attractive, but black and I'm not usually attracted to black guys...not racist just preference.

    • I still think he just didn't know hot to appproach you. a lot of guys would be intimidated by a girl in the heavy weight section, they aren't used to seeing that.

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  • Generally when a guy tries to eyef*** me, I shank him in the showers.

    This is actually an aggressive behavior that is supposed to make you uncomfortable and defensive. It is a play at dominance by violating a social rule to force a conflict. In most cases, it is an assertion of authority and a challenge. People use this to make other people feel unwelcome or to cast them as submissive. In sexual relationships, this can be used to force someone into accepting attentions that they don't want. You can do the same thing by standing too close to someone. It's rude and the boy knew it was rude when he did it. Some pricks use it as a means to make women uncomfortable an. d off balance so they have a social advantage if and when they initiate conversation

    I generally rub my crotch suggestively and let them feel uncomfortable for awhile.

  • :D maybe they just can't take eyes from you ... maybe it's all your fault being watchable :D ... but honestly just ignore them. some guys think " if I stare all the time she will notice that I'm into her " :P maybe they're not totaly wrong but if it bothers you , you can report him or just ignore him completely .

  • wave


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