Any suggestions on how to lose 10 pounds fast?

I am a Senior in high school and my prom is June first. I bought a dress that looks good on me but would look even better if I lose a few pounds. I only ever did one successful diet and that was akins I lost ten pounds but gained it all back because I couldn't afford the stuff anymore and I also had to cancel my gym membership for the same reason.Now I understand if I eat right and workout that is fine but I want tips from people who have lost ten pounds in like a month and a half.

Thank you guys for the suggestions

To answer some of your questions I am 5'5" and weight 160(overweight I know )

As of right now the only thing I drink is water and a cup of coffee in the morning

I don't eat breakfast I never have and for lunch I bring a peanut butter sandwich ,special k cereal and a nutragrain bar and water of course and then I just eat dinner I normally don't snack that much

But thanks again !


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  • I'm going to take a slightly different approach to this. I know you want to lose 10 pounds fast, but if you try some kind of a "crash diet," you'll likely gain it all back and then some. The best thing to do is find a way that works for you, so that you can sustain a healthy lifestyle.

    Some of the suggestions are really good. Get rid of all the sugary drinks. You don't need them. Drink water and squeeze some lemon into it if you need to add flavor. Try to do some kind of exercise every day, even if it's just 20 to 30 minutes of walking. There are many exercises you can do without going to a gym, such as situps, push ups, etc.

    Keep track of what you eat. Lose It is a great app for counting calories. It's free for iPhones and other devices. I'm sure there are other, similar apps too. Try to find a balance where you can still eat the things you want, but without loading up on calories. That's much more sustainable than most diet plans.

    Finally, be patient. You sound like someone who is not overweight, but instead just wants to lose a little weight to look better in the dress. Set a goal of losing one or 2 pounds per week. If you hit it, you may find it easier to up the goal to 3 pounds in a week, and you can still shed the 10 pounds by next month.

    Finally, good luck and have a great time at the prom!


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  • You need a strict program, I mean NO cheating, that is scientfic and gives you enough nourishment that yu won't faint at the prom. I'd suggest Weight Watchers, but there are others.

    Most peoplel can't wing it on their own and stick to it, sometimes because they literally starve themselves. Weight Watchers will lay out what to eat eery day so yu don't have to wonder if it's too much, or not enough...

    A gym membership for two months won't cost as much as the prom dress...and it will be easier to lose the weight if you are working out, not to mention how healthy workikng out is anyway.

    • I don't think yur current regime is very healthy, or sustainable...better to get help from scientific sources.

  • start by simply cutting out junk food-diet is key to controlling weight (and more importantly your health) watch those carbohydrates too- try to go wheat free where possible (there are alternatives for bread and pasta).

    cut out the fizzy drinks is a must --- so much sugar its not even funny! water/fruit juice or herbal teas are really nice-a drop of honey if its a little bitter!

    be aware that you may feel a little "eugh" when switching your diet as the body will crave those sugar hits---endorphin rush lol! the body will soon get used to it though and you'll soon start to feel better---healthier and weirdly happier too, which is great!

    the only other thing there is, is to exercise. but listen to your body----don't push too hard too soon or you'll injure yourself- I've seen it happen so many times.

    this next bit is the truth, and people don't like to hear it, but here goes: it only takes 2 things to be healthy and to lose weight and they are to have a good diet and to exercise properly. the thing is, is that these are the two things that people don't want to do!

    lastly, I'll give you this piece of advice: the best habits, are always the hardest to start.

    good luck. and stay in the path :)

  • Don't drink soda, drink a lot of water, run and do sit-ups. Works for me.

  • How heavy are you right now?

    If you've got the fat to lose, its pretty doable. How much control do you actually have over your food choices?

    • More protein starting at breakfast. Less refined carbs. If you want details message me or something.

      10 lbs is quite doable with minimal exercise.

  • My fav question.

    Start doing lots of cardio (30 minutes of high intensity running,skipping 6 days a week)

    Only 75%of your stomach should be full

    Increase your protein intake through egg whites or protien shakes

    Include complex carbs like oats and brown rice to keep you fuller for that you don't get hunger pangs

    Include Fibrous vegetables

    stay away from,processed foods, Sugary stuffs

    Have your dinner early say 20:00 AM

    You will surely loose 10 pounds doing this

    • Down the road you may switch to an hour of exercise, but while losing weight in a short amount of time, it's not advised to do more than the half hour of aerobic combined with the Pilates and resistance training for your arms.

      Avoid salt and sodium more than anything else.

      Add green tea in your lifestyle...It will speed up your metabloism and the caffiene will have a thermal affect to burn fats faster

  • You can lose 10+ pounds in a matter of seconds.

    Cut off an arm.


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  • I lost 10 pounds in a week by getting sick and not eating for several days. :/ That's the only thing that's ever worked with me lol, but I don't recommend it. I was miserable.

    It sounds like your diet is good. The only tips I can think of are

    1. Get your heart rate up before every meal. Do a minute of jumping jacks, do some push ups, run in place, etc. It'll raise your metabolism right before you eat.

    2. Stop eating less than 3 hours before bedtime. If you eat close to bedtime, then your body will just store the calories as fat since you don't need the energy.

  • I personally haven't, but my brother visibly lost body fat within two weeks by doing a no carbs/sugary foods diet. Just cut it out of your diet every day, eat meat and exercise every day and you'll see the difference :)

  • Cut out all refined sugars and carbs. Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean fish and meat, and low fat dairy products. Drink at least 64 oz. of water daily (more when you exercise).

    Also do 30-60 min. of exercise every day.

    Good luck! :)

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