Did I creep this girl out or was is a coincidence?

I was walking around the third floor of my college campus and there was a black girl sitting on a bench that was right at the corner of the wall. She was on her computer. I saw her before when I was walking around but did not go in that direction, but she was there for at least 20 minutes. I walked by her and glanced at her but looked to long because she looked right up at me. We had that awkward staring at each other for 5 seconds as I walked by. The when I turn the corner, so she was parallel to me on the bench I looked at her again and she noticed and looked right at me. I kept on walking after that, but turned around and noticed she got up and walked the opposite direction as me into the building. Is it possible I creeped her out enough for her to leave?


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  • It's just a coincidence. Don't think much about it.


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