What physical characteristics do you look for in a girl/guy?

What physical characteristics do you look for in a guy or a girl? Just outside appearances, not personality. So far I've only seen questions dealing with inside qualities, but I thought it was time to ask this question.


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  • I don't really look for certain physical characteristics, I just know it when I see it.

    • I think this pretty much covers it. You know it when you see it. So I guess there is no set of characteristics sometimes, just instant attraction, right?

    • Yeah, pretty much

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  • I'm going to describe the physical traits of my dream guy. Obviously these aren't "must haves" for a guy nor do I expect to date men like this, but a girl can dream!

    A guy about 6'0 to 6'1 with dark brown hair that looked nice short and longer. He would have blue or brown eyes, a really nice smile, and dimples. I love Matt Bomer's hair and eye color. link His weight is irrelevant, as long as he's in shape. Muscular arms and a defined back and chest. A nice stomach too. Not too muscular, but more of a lean muscle. I love this guys body. link He would have a nice skin color year-round, Italian heritage maybe. And the ability to grow sexy facial hair. Love this guys facial hair. link

    I'm sure y'all get the idea.

  • Facial hair.

    Nice teeth.

    Other than that- I don't know. Like honestly, there's things I think I like - but if you line up all the guys I've dated/been really attracted to - those are pretty much the only things they have in common physically.

  • Tall

    Muscular (defined muscles)

    Dark hair

    Dark eyes


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