Are small accounting firms competitive?

I am talking about like a local accounting firm in your town/ village. NO BIG FOUR. I have an interview soon and am so nervous. I have never been on one, I'm scared I won't do well.

Some facts,

my gpa is not that high... so they could have asked to interview anyone with a 3.1 and up...

and I have zero experience.

do you think I have a chance?

and will my interview be as competitive as a big four would be?

im terrified. and trying to be positive. but I have a feeling I'm just going to be too nervous and end up messing up my speech when talking.

what should I wear? I own no pant suit. I own a blazer, no pant suit and the only skirts I have are bandage skirts. I probably have to borrow my moms skirt if she has any I hope.


They want me to come back to meet the person who owns the firm. Is this a good or bad thing? I was so nervous I didn't know what I was saying most of the time and I ended mixing my words two to three times for example instead of saying "Graduate school to get masters" I said "masters school to get my graduate" -__-

I was so awkward and scared to speak most of the time. I truly don't know if I got this, but they want me to meet the owner of the firm when there in office next week...
Update: they said they might hire the person who has a better gpa than me and really needs the money, where as they assumed (I'm wealthy, because of where on from). I completely understand if people want to disqualify me as a candidate do to low gpa, zero experience and knowledge in the field. But to disqualify me because you assume I don't need the money is annoying me right now. I was taught not to cry and tell people I'm poor and need the money when applying for a job.


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  • I think a small firm can be a lot better experience because you will probably do a much wider variety of work than you would for the big firms. A wide variety of experience can help open up doors in the future, whether it's other accounting firms or working directly for business. Small companies especially need someone who is versatile.

    Another advantage to getting a wider variety of work is you can get an idea of what type of accounting you like. You could go on to specialize in a specific area, or be a general purpose accountant for a small company.

    The important thing about dress is that you are clean and carry yourself well. If you are fresh out of school, they won't expect you to have a large array of office wear. So do the best you can. If you can afford to buy something new go for it. If not go with whatever you have.

    I don't really have any tips for getting over nervousness at interviews. Except just remember they are a person too. It's not really much different than talking to anyone else, except don't burp and cuss. :D

    They are trying to get to know you as a person as much as they want to know about your accounting qualifications. They already know you don't have experience and they will already have a good idea what you took in school. So they want to know if you fit in with their company personality wise. They expect people to be nervous. Just be friendly and that's more than half the battle.

    You will always make mistakes, so don't beat yourself over them after you are done.

    • @update, yes that's a reason to be very optimistic. Let us know how it turns out.

      If you get the job just remember that's when your real education begins. Learn everything you can. It will pay off in the future.

      Do you know what kind of pay to expect? If not you should do some research first. One negative with a small firm is the pay might not be as much as the big guys. Don't be afraid to negotiate. They might ask you what you want, but try to get them to make the first offer if possible.

    • For someone with no experience and not a good gpa they are paying me 13 dollars an hour which is above average (8.00) so I think it's better than nothing ?

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  • It might be competitive but not as competitive as if you had an Interview with PWC. I am sure you sent them your resume and they viewed it so they must have an interest in you already. I am sure your gpa was on the resume too right? As to what you should wear I would lookup pictures of professional dress, I am not an expert on what is professional for women.

  • As long as you do well in the interview, they'll accept you.

    Don't lose confidence.


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