Kesha would look better if ______

Kesha was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. She has a new show premiering on MTV about her life soon and I don't think she's all that great looking.

I think she would look better, if she took that damn lip ring out, and didn't have bleached hair. I also think the whole "different color lipstick" and all that is a little overrated.

Other than that, she's actually pretty good looking.

So, what do you think she should do to look better?


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  • I thought she was pretty until I saw a bikini pic of her with no make up.

    She was flat has a board (at the rare end), and looked very average/not pretty .

    I was shocked because its amazing how make up can be ones transformation into looks they never had.

    • That's why I think girls should wear makeup...besides, men typically don't. It's what makes a girl, a girl

    • Well make up enhances beauty in women that already have the looks.

      The women that simply don't have it are giving a false representation of themselves.

      What happens if the person you think is hot, spends the night with you (make up off).

      And you are no longer attracted because she doesn't look the way you thought she would?

      I don't think women need to wear make up unless it is needed.

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  • She would look less trashy, but she still wouldn't be pretty.

    When you're not so pretty, and a you're famous, you have to do SOMETHING to be noticed. That's why Lady Gaga and Kesha dress themselves terribly. Because they aren't pretty.


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  • ...If she wasn't a music industry whore.