Overpriced stuff, your opinion!

Fill in, what would be the maximum you would pay for these things, and also say what you would find overpriced.

T shirt: I would pay 40 dollars maximum, and a tshirt over 60 is overpriced in my opinion

Sweater: 60 dollars, overpriced: 100 dollars

Jeans: 100 dollars, overpriced: over 150

Tanktops/etc: 20 dollars, overpriced 30 dollars

Shoes: Depends... Hmm tough choice lol, I mean girls love shoes! xD I think if I would have a lot of money, the maximum I would spend would be around 500 dollars. Overpriced: 2000 dollars or more

Underwear and lingerie: Bra's: 50 dollars maximum, overpriced: 70 dollars

Underwear: Panties: 15 dollars a pair maximum, overpriced: 25

Accessories (jewelry, watches, etc) 200 dollars maximum, overpriced: 1000 dollars or more

Handbags and suitcases for traveling: Handbags: 200 dollars maximum, overpriced: 1000 dollars

That's it I think? :D


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  • T-shirt - I don't know max, but its overpriced at 40.

    Sweater - depends on fabric. I mainly buy wool sweaters, so I've paid up to 100 at least, above 200 its getting overpriced imho no matter what its made of.

    jeans - depends on fabric. selvedge is gonna cost more. No reason to cost more then a couple hundred even for the best.

    shoes - I've gone close to 400. overpriced? idk. you can get a fully bespoke shoe for sub 2k so 2k + is definitely over, lol. I'd have to be really damn rich to spend 1k on shoes.

    watches - anything sub $500 is considered a 'poor man's watch' online. I'm assuming we're talking mechanical watches. If its some battery operated thing, $5 is overpriced :D I'd be happy to wear a $5k or so watch if I could afford it, but I can't.

    suitcases? idk. handbags, I've spent 200+ on a vintage handbag for my wife. Note that crocodile is not cheap.

    Generally a lot of branded stuff is overpriced unless its on discount. Some if it then becomes good value. Most 'brands' are slapping their label on stuff made by someone else and they mark the price up, but then they clear it all out at the end of the year and often have deeper sales then the original maker would.


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  • T-Shirt: $20 (and that's only for UnderArmour-type advanced materials). For cotton, $15 max (printed T). I often wear plain solid-color cotton T's that I get for $7 online.

    Sweater: I have a couple that I rarely wear; I doubt I'd pay more than $30.

    Jeans: $40 for Levis.

    Shoes: $200 for quality work-boots (once every 5 years or so), $100 for quality wingtips, $80 for quality (New Balance) sneakers.

    Underwear: UnderArmour is expensive at $20 each, but they last forever and they're worth it.

    Socks: Also UnderArmour or other advanced materials, about $8 a pair, but worth it. Also have some cheaper cotton ones (Costco) for around the house, about $3/pair.

    "Formal wear": $400 for a suit, and $40 each for a couple of nice shirts. $20 each for a couple of ties. I've worn this maybe a dozen times in the last decade, and I would consider replacing it if I had the money, but there is no great need and I don't have the money at the moment.

    Coats/jackets: I once paid $200 for a leather jacket which I wore almost a decade. My nicest current jacket cost $100 on sale (North Face). I have a few cheaper, lighter ones that I wear more often, most under $40.

    Accessories: $400 cell phone (Nexus 4). I wear no jewelry or watch.

    Suitcases: bought a nice pair of wheelie bags from Costco for $200 about 15 years ago. Still have them, they still work fine, no need for anything else.

    To me, something would have to be EXTREMELY special for me to pay even 20% more than the prices I've listed above. I don't feel any need to spend a ton of money on clothes, ESPECIALLY on "fashion". My clothes are basic, last for years, and I wouldn't have it any other way. While I use a few specific brand-names, it is for function rather than fashion, and if something better came along, I'd switch with little hesitation.

  • I don't set arbitrary maximums, I go by %markup based on cost. If the mark-up is absurdly above market value for clothing using the same materials, I won't buy it.

    A regular cotton t-shirt with a basic photo-color screen print on the front costs between $2-$4 to make, depending on how many are produced (higher production reduces fixed costs per shirt).

    From what I've seen, the average price of graphic tees has settled at around $11. So the %markup is roughly 266%. To clarify, I think anything 50% or more above market value is very overpriced, while anything 50% or more below market value is an excellent deal.

    Doing the math...

    Price > $14.97 - Very Overpriced.

    Price ~ $11.00 - Fair Market Value.

    Price < $6.99 - Very Underpriced.

    This is only for cotton graphic designer tees. Every other item like jeans, watches, sneakers, etc has its own percentage.

  • I just spent 170 for 2 pairs of sneakers. I never spent that much but Onitsuka Tigers are so sweet, especially if you are a kill bill fan.


  • T-shirt: 20 euros max

    Jeans: 120 euros max, I'll pay good money for a quality pair, because they last long.

    Shoes: 500 bucks! Are you kidding me!? It really depend on what kind of shoes, but usually the max is around 100-120 euros and I won't cheap ones, because they don't last in my use.

  • It all depends on who the designer is. You have to consider what it's made of and where the material is gathered. Is it a limited run, meaning once a store runs out they won't be getting anymore. Take a standard crew cut black t-shirt for example. If it was $45.00 at Old Navy I'd think it was over priced, but at Hugo Boss I think it would be on the low side. For Boss overpriced would be like $120.00.

  • I'm a bargain shopper until I can get a job, but until then, I search for sales.

    I've paid $40 for a $70 t-shirt, got it on sale ;D Wouldn't pay over $80

    Paid $50 for a $150 pair of jeans. I wouldn't pay over $150.

    Suits? Over $200 is absolute maximum, but I've found decent ones at H&M for $75.

    Wouldn't pay over $100 for a sweatshirt.

    I wouldn't be against paying $600 for a nice pair of Louis Vuitton Oxfords.

    Same goes for a briefcase or similar item.

  • it depends...i'll normally ask myself if I like...then I'll ask do I £how ever many£ like it, and there's my answer. I don't really set a limit.

    but seeing as you're so young. learn to live on a budget first. this will stand you in good stead for your future years. don't build up debt for this seasons new collections :)

  • T-shirt: < $15.

    Polo shirt: < $60.

    Dress shirt: < $100.

    Suit: < $900.

    Jeans: < $100.

    Shoes: < $100.

    Underwear: < $5.


  • The majority of stuff is overpriced. I spend much less than most people and get higher quality items because I pray on people's greed and idiocy.


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  • T-Shirt--I'll pay up to $100, anything more is overpriced

    Sweater-- I'll pay up to $200(depending on the brand), but anything more is overpriced

    Jeans--I'll pay up to $250, maybe $300, but anything over $250 is overpriced

    Tanktops--Anything over $30 is overpriced

    Shoes--I'll pay up to $1000 for shoes, but anything more is overpriced

    Underwear/bras--I'll pay up to $50, but anything above $80 is overpriced

    Accessories--Priceless...whatever I can afford at the time, but quality is important

    Handbags--I think my mom would only be willing to buy me a staple handbag at $5000 and that's with advanced notice of me wanting it...But I'd probably not typically go above $1000

    This doesn't mean all of my stuff costs the maximum I'm willing to spend, but I do have things that I splurge on. Namely jewelry, handbags and jeans

  • T-Shirt I'd pay up to £60

    Sweater I'd pay up to £100 even above depending on the material

    Jeans I'd pay up to £70

    Tank tops I'd pay up to £20

    Shoes I'd pay up to £80

    Bras I'd pay up to £30

    Panties I'd pay up to £30

    Accessories I'd pay up to £300

    Handbags I'd pay up to £80

  • I don't pay attention to prices. If I like it, I'll buy it.

    The only time I do pay attention/notice the prices, is if it's a new store.

    The over priced I paid was for flats.. .My first pair of flats, over $95... Ridiculous. Flats should not cost THAT much but they were cute. :D

    Handbags, over $1,000 because their worth it.. Especially those huge purses.. :D

  • T shirt: < 60

    Sweater: < 80

    Jeans: < 150

    Tanktops/etc: < 18

    Shoes: <300

    Underwear and lingerie: Bra's: <90

    Underwear: Panties: < 30

    Accessories (jewelry, watches, etc) < 200

    Handbags and suitcases for traveling: <100

    I would pay these prices and below. Anything over is too high.

  • T-shirt: 20, max.

    Sweater: 30, max.

    Jeans: 40, max.

    Tanktops: 15, max.

    Shoes- 75, max

    Bra- 40, max.

    Panties - 15, max

    Accessories - Depends on the quality. If it is the fake jewelry on the shelves, then 20 max.

    Handbags - 70 max.

  • wow. god dang. I guess I'm just cheap but I pay a lot less than the people here. I dress pretty cute but I don't see the importance of spending lots of money on such superficial items. literally the most I've ever spent: a tshirt-$30, jeans-$40 but usually won't spend more than 20-30, basic tank tops-$5 maybe 10 if it's good quality, underwear $5/pair, bras usually $15 a pair but would spend up to 30, SHOES surprisingly I'm the most cheap about, I won't spend more than $40 on a pair. I'm not obsessed with shoes like most girls so only have a few pairs and wear them for everyday uses, so they get smelly/ripped within a year or two, so I don't see the point in spending that much on them. :x.

  • Shoes ide pay 200

    Jeans 150

    T shirts 30

    Bags not more than 400

    Bras not more than 70

    I also think this veries on peoples income, class status and where they live.