What makes guys remember a girl?

I went to an event last night and five guys remembered me from something I attended over a month ago. One remembered me from something I attended last year. What is it that would cause a guy to remember a girl vividly and walk up to declare "Oh, great to see you again, we met at..." (as opposed to just sort of looking at you and wondering why you look familiar)?

(I'm interested in knowing not only because I have the WORST memory of people's names, but also because I want to get a better understanding of the point of interest/attraction. Is it something I said? What I looked like? I don't get it...)


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  • They probably wanted to do you if they can remember that... don't look for too complicated reasons.

    • There are some seriously fabulous looking girls out there -- at that event last month and at the event yesterday. No idea why the heck they'd all have remembered me...

  • Simply give him your number.

    That's the best way to connect and make a guy remember you.

    • I mean, if he saw me ONCE -- we didn't even speak to each other -- and sees me months and months later, what prompted him to remember when and where he saw me? I mean, these are people who I didn't even notice were there. I was working and so just focused on work, not on the fellas, but they remembered me. Why?

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