When I smell my cat....

I salivate more, and I don't know why... I know I like the whole cat smell but it's not like I find her appetizing or anything. Also, I like the smell of catnip enough to want to sniff it more than normal and there are certain cat foods I like the taste of... weird isn't it...

A couple of things for the people who answer with 'um yeah', first of all it's not like a sexual thing, that kinda freaks me out... it's the fact that I am so cat like, I mean I can hear a cat /dog whistle (I think they are the same)...
... and that is when it's on its highest setting too, it makes me want to run as far away from the repulsive sound. Oh yeah and there is no point judging because you have probably seen 'weirder' things on here whatever that means these days.


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  • Uh. Yes.

    • Oh I thought you meant like sexually, haha. Maybe you're just more in tune to animals or something? :)

    • Best answer because of the comment you made when I updated :)

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  • thats not weird at all, it started off this way with me as well. (altho I like dogs) I would start to get worried when you start to see it as an opportunity every time the cat turns it's tail towards you... I helped coin the term 'doggy style' maybe that's where the term 'pussy' comes from!

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