Is it okay that I still like a girl even though the last rime we talked was 3 months ago?

I have not talked to her since January 20th. I really liked her... But I felt I was being a bit over board, I felt at times I was getting way to close to her know that I look back at it. I sat next to her repeatedly, one time of which she moved across the room and began whispering to another girl. I thought I heard my name, so I jokingly asked what they were talked about, they ignored me. Since then, the only person close to her that has talked to was one of her friends, who often just says my name and gives me a serious look, but that was almost a month ago now. I see her all the time in the halls. I feel creepy because sometimes in the morning at my locker and I'm unpacking I turn to my left to pick up something and there they are turning the corner to the other hall, and I think they see me looking, and I quickly look away. So I have began to feel like I can't get her now. I don't now what to do.


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  • yes its fine...why not?

    • It hard to stop thinking about her. I keep hearing things, and I begin to think that she likes somebody else, and that I lost my chance. We barely even look at each other in the hall, but I can't help not to out of the corner of my eye. And I have never really had a girlfriend. I just didn't know what to do.

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    • Thanks. Would talking to one of her friends work? I feel as if its really to only way to give her a hint, and then possibly confront her.

    • if that's the only way,so be it ...go ahead and approach her frnd first...but be prepared and pre-planned of luck

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