What could I possibly do about this situation? Long time ex plus kids story.

I am looking for some advice as to what to do. 9 years ago I was an exchange student and participant of a summer program in Texas, while there I got involved with this girl and 3 months later I headed home.

A few weeks after I had left, she told me over MSN that she was pregnant. I wasn't too interested in what was happening then as I was almost off to university and wasn't going to let that affect it. Therefore I blocked her and never been in contact, in fact I forgot of her existence.

Recently I received an email from the school that they were having a reunion and her name was on the organizing committee, I did some searching and found her Facebook and LinkedIn page as well as her blogs.

She kept the babies and never went on to college, seems as if her life hasn't quite turned out all that great, Bare in mind she was 17 when she had the babies.

Am considering the possibility of contacting her and perhaps asking her to let me be involved in the kids.

Looking for advice as to how to go about with this or if this is even a good idea.


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  • Sure, you can contact her. A lot of kids would have done the same thing you did.

    By now, she's past resentng you. She may not want yo uinvolved with her kids, because after 9 years, they are really HER kids...but probably she'd want them to meet their father, at least, and see him once in a while.

    Sounds like there were twins?

    She's only 26, it's hard to say her life didn't turn out great. Maybe she's happy being a mom, and she must be active in the community, if she's onthe organizing committee. She may now be married and happy, and might go back to school now that her kids can take care of themselves