What do Girls look for in a Man?

I was wondering what do girls look for in a man? Do some look for muscle tone, father-like figure, being passionate, nice, kind, etc.


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  • I definitely look for someone who is kind and sweet, I'm the girl who ended up with the "nice guy" haha. Being toned/muscular isn't a big factor, but having a healthy lifestyle (not overweight, not living off fast food, etc) is important to me. He doesn't have to be model material, but of course there has to be some chemistry. Biggest thing is how he treats me/other people. Obviously he needs to be nice to me, but I also look for the guy who is nice to the waiter and leaves a good tip, wishes the cashier a good day, etc. And chivalry is a good bonus: I appreciate having doors opened for me, him carrying my bags at the airport, etc. It's the little things. (:


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  • Intelligence, a healthy lifestyle and a good head on his shoulders... Well, this is what I look for, but I cannot answer for my fellow females.

  • Big d***

    Big bank account


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