Do the outer physical appearance hamper a man's chance of being in relationship?

If a man looks like this


do you think any woman would be willing to date him/be in relationship withhim/marry him?

If yes, then why and how ? And what extra qualities he must possess to attract women?


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  • Yes that is very sexy. I would marry him and have like 1000 babies with him.

    • Could clearly get it that you are poking fun of him and trying to be mean and hilarious.

      Could you please give a serious real honest practical answer as a girl? Please ma'am?

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    • Hmm, ok! So he listened to you and stopped waxing! Wow, you changed life of a guy and made him confident. But I think other women in his life later would have made him wax again.

      You really don't want to be friends?

      Its possible if either you or I remove the anon. Tag for a while and let other to add? Do you want ? I don't want to force it.

    • Anyway, its OK. I guess we are better being anonymous to each other! Thanks for being so nice ma'am.

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  • Honestly? That amount of hair would be an instant turn-off/deal breaker. I don't *prefer* the no hair look, but that amount of hair is a turnoff.

    But some girls like excess hair on men

    • You mean a real deal breaker? You would turn down and break off with the guy?...what if he waxed the back but had very hairy front, arms and legs?

      ...may I ark what You *prefer*?

    • U say that some girls like excess hair on you know *any* who even tolerates it, forget liking it?

    • I prefer a less hairy it naturally or unnaturally(through laser hair removal)

      I don't know any...but hairy was the in thing many years ago, so I'm sure there are still women who like that

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  • Main Yes. A guys appearance is just as important as a girls appearance. If you are unattracrive you won't get any play. Looks get you in at the door, but personality keeps you in.

    Many women would date that guy if they got to know him. I don't know too many girls who would say "never" to a hairy guy as long as he was willing to groom it or at least control it

  • Its just hair. If women are so disgusted by that, its nothing that can't be changed by waxing/shaving (admittedly a lot of it but still)

    Although considering your question as a whole, yes. It matters. Women hold looks and attractiveness in the oposite sex in the same light as men.

    • A man can't keep on waxing/shaving his whole body for his whole life just to be in relationship with a woman.

    • Wouldnt have to continue for the whole life. Once she's gotten past the physical barrier and cares more about the personality then it wouldn't be as destructive.

      Looks are the foundation for a relationship, as it grows other things take precident

  • Hamper? Probably.

    It could be laser removed if he wanted it gone forever.

  • Well, he's still pretty attractive.

    Girls will still date/marry him.

    Personality, success and status.

    • Is He still attractive even with all that hair?