Really awkward situation at class: in class if someone keeps glancing at me and looks away

soon as ilook up or move a little, then what am I supposed to do? we can't talk in class usually . we watch movies or listen to the teacher talk and its a small class and we sit at the front.

would it be weird if I asked why she's staring at me
i'm pretty sure she's interested but last year I had the same scenario with another girl who totally seemed into me. I found her outside of class once and we talked a lot she gave me her number but she lost interest after. responded really slow and lied that she had a boyfriend. so I 'm trying to be cautious because this girl has been really good to me she s said some stuff that no ones really said to me before


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  • Try talking to her

    • we have in the past but that was because we were working together. right now I don't know what to say to her

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  • It seems that that someone is attracted to you.

    You should just respond with a smile.

    • i just pretend I never notice except my eyes react a little like blink or something sometiimes. would she think I'm not intersted and lose interest?