Why don't we look at ourself as beautiful?

well lately my selfasteem has been down cause a boy hurt me a lot etc etc

but I work in a clothing store, and at times some people come and compliment me out of the blue, "such pretty girl" or "beautiful eyes" and I'm so surprised cause when I look in the mirror I see nothing that they see, some times I feel so ugly etc so I get surprised


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  • For me personally, its like I have the same pieces of the puzzle, but they make a different picture to me. Some people look at my face and notice the shape of my face, I may notice the shape of my face but I evaluate it differently. Others may look at my eyes and think they are big and are the focal part of my face (idk if that is true), while I look and I view them as smaller, pretty, but not the focal part of my face. Its like someone evaluating a math problem and coming up with the number 9 and I come up with the number 4- except relate that to now I view myself. I hope that makes sense.

    I have some standard of beauty in my mind, I don' t know specifically what standard that is, but I have it, and I compare myself to it, and I never reach it.

    I've always been "in the process" of bettering myself- contacts, braces, weight loss, and it is really hard when you are at a point where you are at you"this is the best its gonna get" phase. Technically I could train for hours a day, eat a raw vegan diet and lose a dramatic amount of weight but for what reason? I know if I veered off that regimen I would gain weight back- it's not how I normally look.


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  • instead of finding the things you don't like, try to compliment

    yourself on the things you do like, give yourself a pat on

    the back each time you succeed in something, it'll raise your

    confidence over time, but try not to get arrogant like I did ^.~

    the reason we have difficulty liking ourselves as we are, is because

    what we want is perfection, and that's humanly impossible.

  • We are all our own worst enemies. Your self worth should not be dependent on other people to validate it.


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  • We are our own worst critic.