I don't get noticed?

I think I look a bit boring, and I don't really know what to do with my looks.

I'm skinny and have long legs and a nice round bottom, but my AA cup boobs just make things look wrong. My face is OK, I'm growing my hair (it's only 'till a bit past my shoulder now).

I have the most boring eyes and hair, both light brown. Pale skin too. I wear neutral colors like dark blue a lot, don't wear a lot of jewellery

Please give me some advice on this, I'm clueless.


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  • You're talking about externals; internals get people noticed.

    Use your boring eyes to look into people's souls. Your eyes suddenly become the most beautiful part of your body.

    We nicknamed a girl "turnpike" (not a curve in sight), yet she was popular because of her personality. She focused on others instead of herself.


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    • Dear Anonymous User,

      You're entirely welcome!

      I hope that helps.

      I'd like to keep in touch to know how it goes.

      I don't send friend requests to women, but I'd like to be friends.

      Please send a friend request. I'll approve it immediately!


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  • How are we supposed to give you ideas on your looks if we can't see what you look like?


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  • You can spice up your wardrobe if you want, smile more, and be more social and friendly, but it's also important to have a positive attitude about yourself and a good amount of self-esteem. It shows through in your interactions with others, and it's attractive. Also, if you're fun, interesting, and engaging people will naturally want to be around you. So, be busy living your life and step out of your comfort zone a little.

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