I hope she's just being nice

I was at school one late afternoon and this girl in my class who I think is stunning. She was just getting out from doing her capstone project, and sitting through other presentations having to wear heels all day. Now I was in no hurry but she looked exhausted and scattered. While she was holding her pumps and bag. Now she's I think out of my league, I mean yah I figured out we have a lot in common. It's whatever I mean I'm not homely I have an exotic Latin look to me thanks to my father. But the conversation went on for about 30 min. I know she probably doesn't think much of me, she did mention that I seem smart and look younger than my stated age, but that's about it, especially since she has a young daughter and honestly don't look at myself as a father figure, sure I'll give advice, but I'm still just as immature as any guy my age. I guess the more plausible explanation would be that she was feeling me out to see how I am, because I usually keep to myself because of trust issues.

Question is am I over thinking it? Was she just feeling me out?


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