Want to re-initiate conversation, but unsure whether my message looks needy?

Wondering how I should re-initiate this conversation with her. It ended like this:

her - my middle name is margaret hahaha

me - I thought it was beautiful? Damn, time to quit that detective career of mine :/ Gonna start calling you maggie

her - I'd rather you didn't like

me - Okay maggie.. woops :)

her - not talking to you

me - How long can you keep that up for?

I got no reply, but two days later she replied to my tweet about rubicon and said "possibly the best thing you've ever said". I didn't reply to that to match her level of interest in replying.

I was wondering whether to send something like "Heard you're going for a world record by keeping silent, it true?". But I'm not sure if this comes off as needy, or whether it's playful. I'm pretending that I didn't see her tweet so if she mentions that, I could say something back such as "I guess I'm going for a world record for blindness!"

What do you think, does it sound needy?


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  • It won't sound needy, just go for it.

    • Okay, ended up doing so. I said "Heard you are setting a world record for ‘most silent person’, is it true?", she replied "i'm proving a point", then I said "You're a bit useless at proving this point, try again" (aimed at her tweet to me). She hasn't replied, but I'm assuming it's because I said "try again". Should I leave it a bit before re-initiating yet again? Or should I let her send a message next time?

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    • Ohhh, ha ha. I didn't know that was what you meant to say. Well that's not offensive at all. Anyways, that's why messages through text are tough sometimes because you can't really tell the tone in which people are speaking. I would still give her some time to respond before you say anything.

    • Thanks! Yeah, maybe another 2-3 days, not sure. I do think when I said "try again", that was possibly spurring her on to stay silent in a playful way. By the way, it was a Facebook message and says she saw it at 2am. I'm a little bit worried I may have annoyed/offended her now by saying "useless" though. Jokingly, I did mean to say that she was "useless at making this point". Guess I'll see soon enough

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  • No, it sounds playful. Not needy at all! (: Go for it!


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  • It was just playful. If she's still talking to you/commenting yada yada, she's still in to you. She probably just felt the playfulness was over at that time

  • That should do well.

    It doesn't sound needy at all.

    • Only thought it was as I was bringing up her silence. Would saying "Heard you are setting a world record for ‘world’s most silent person’, it true?" be better?