Why is it that most of the men from outside the US, like Itlay, Uk, even Germany appreciate black women more


This is just a snippet, I am in Uni now and I take care of myself, I am kind, a virgin, and speak proper English. At the end of the day being the most attractive and sweetest I can potentially be, American men still think I am lower than the crap of from the shoe

Adolf: tell a lie long enough, loud enough, and often and the people will believe it . I know the power of media and how it builds into the subconscious mind of American men, the media basically makes us look so bad, it is sickening. Then men in the Netherlands, like Holland fancy African women,


or even much darker, so maybe if I were to make a control experiment, I would find that media is the variable and the blame. I know many will say that white men just don't fancy us or even our own, but European men like us (Not the Russians lol) and African men ...so maybe it is just not status or what is seen as desirable/ praiseworthy in this Individualistic country.

Maybe it is not my looks but the superficial likes of men. Now I know that some black women will not take care of herself, but maybe some have a self fulfilling prophecy, like they seen how men dislike them, then they see themselves look awful in media, or the same phenotype, and just give up. It's sad.

Anyhow. can someone explain to me why men in those places like Western and Southern Europe and Africa, or Africans in America, love black women, but American men think we are "uck" ?

I have also hated the fact that the same race baiting media makes Asian men look feminine. How can Bruce lee look feminine? Then I hear some Asian men say that other girl won't like them because of this and that (self prophecy ) silly..or how some women won't like them. Asian men are great to the point some are marrying European and taking African women back home lol

Anyhow why is it always men from Uk or Italian men that go after dark women like us...

Does media play on the subconcious of men and straify us

I am Caribbean by the way


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  • Don't get me started on this sh*t. I can find women on those online escorts services and a large number of them won't want anything to do with black men for reasons of "Those brothas don't treat women right" and so on. I'm surrounded by 9000+ college girls, 90% white and let me tell you that these pretentious women won't even look at black men for the most part.

    Racism(also known as 'preference') is alive and well in America and it's not going to go away. Just look at some posts on GAG alone and you will find a number of people saying how they lose respect for someone who touches blacks. Just how it is. The black community is quite isolated here in many ways.

    The Euros are a bit different. Even though they have historically colonized and abused the Sub-Saharan Africans, only about 1% of them dealt with Blacks at all. I really can't point one particular cause as to why Europeans are not as discriminatory as Americans but I can speculate a number of them. My best guess is that because there are not as many Blacks in Europe and the ones you do see are there for education, it gives a positive image to locals. I have not been to Europe yet, but here in America, I get along with Asians and Europeans far better than I ever will with whites. Just how it is.

    If you are having trouble finding a man, give me a call. I will be good to you ;).

    • lol you are cool, but I must leave this place.

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  • The real reason is because racism isn't implanted in our brain.

    • ok maybe a certain media here is infecting us

  • Seen your "feel so bad for me even though I exaggerate and lie" questions before and I know if you can get your mind straight you will find anyone guy to like you. You can be right or you can be happy. For now you choose unhappy. Life is short my friend.

    • or maybe we are the least undesirable

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    • aloof ameriacano

    • YOU choose to be happy and YOU choose to have your life this way. I date black women but you don't want to hear about it. Like I said you wish to be right (miserable) then be happy.

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  • it's just a curiosity because they've been brought up being with their own kind a lot and wants to experience something 'different'

  • I've noticed that as well

    • yes once you notice, the more you go out with foreign men yum lol