How can a guy be OK with that?

My boyfriend and I had something planned on Tuesday, and after it was all done we were going to have sex after words. We can still go through with our plans but we was really looking forward to the sex. To try something new. But I started my cycle.

Now I'm not trying to gross anyone out, but when I told him that I started my cycle, hye said that's OK it's never stopped me before. And I looked around and said we've never did anything while I was on my cycle, so what are you talking about.

He says he's been with 3 other girls that has let him do things sexually to them while they were on their period...

(for those who has done this.)

So I'm wondering how can guys be OK with doing sexual things to a girl while on her period? How can you still be turned on by this? Or what turns you on about it?

And girls, doing you think this is unsanitary? Why would you allow him to do anything sexual to you while on your period?

I still need an opinion either way it goes... For those who has and haven't done it. I'm confused. and a little grossed out myself.

Then he turns around and say "we guys piss from our penis, but you don't hear women complaining." Which is true, but this is blood we're talking about, which attract bacteria. Hello?


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  • Lots of guys are grossed out by it. Frankly I'm a little turned on by it. The reasons: many girls are extra horny on their periods; the taboo nature of period sex; even if I didn't like it, I'd want to please a girl I was in love with; lubrication LOL; it's still going to feel like sex, and sex feels good LOL.

  • No bueno...

  • Ugh, some guys like gross things during *it*. They think that the more unsanitary, the better.


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  • i mean it's not that gross if you wear a condom. I was grossed out by it too but my boyfriend eventually convinced me to do it. we don't use condoms but he's just not grossed out by it, and I found it to be fine because my birth control makes my period so light that there's never any messyness doing it. I can't answer for guys but I think if he's close enough with his girlfriend then it won't really matter/maybe they are just so horny that they don't care. you can try it at least, just take a shower afterward or something.

    • ... How far did you go? You didn't let him eat you did you? I have an ex who has and not I look at him differently now...

    • no. he's actually tried to, but I draw the line there lol.

      why do you look at him differently? it's not the most disgusting thing a couple can do..

    • ... is. Plus I don't want another girl;s period on my lips...

      My ex and I did nothing or the sort...

  • oops I think that's not good,not for the guy not for you!